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Organize MP3 files using a set of filters
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Manage the MP3 collection and arrange the tracks by author, genre, album and year. Supports recovering missing information for added tracks.

Thanks to its portability, widespread use, and excellent playback quality, MP3 audio collections have become extremely popular... and large. Zortam Mp3 Media Studio may easily be the only tool you’ll ever need to play, organize, catalog, and enhance the quality of your MP3 audio collection. Besides, it comes with useful extra tools to improve and enlarge your MP3 library even more.

This extremely versatile and comprehensive program opens in a not-so-attractive multi-panel interface that reflects the wealth of functions and features that it offers. The first thing it does is to scan your PC for MP3 files – regrettably, its MP3-only policy will leave out of your audio library any other audio tracks you may have stored. Once the scan is over, the program will select the first track on the list and will fill all the panels on the main interface with useful information about the track and your entire collection. You’ll see your MP3 library categorized by artist, genre, album, year, etc.; a list of your entire collection; all the tags currently available on the selected MP3 track (lyrics and artwork included), and a convenient audio player for you to listen to or double-check your MP3 files.

When it comes to ID3 tags, the program is in itself a comprehensive MP3 tag editor. Though the various tools provided are a bit scattered all around the program’s menus and submenus, all the basic (and some advanced) features that you would expect from a full-fledged tag editor are there. Not only can you edit any of the existing tags or complete the blanks manually, but also you can let the program do it for you – it will search the Web and will grab for you as many tags as possible, with specific functions to locate lyrics and cover art. You can also use perform a number of bulk changes, and thus remove all covers, change the case, delete all tags, copy or transfer tags between ID versions, etc. You can also extract tags from the file names of the tracks in your collection, and vice versa, i.e. rename your files using the existing tags.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio includes also a series of bonus tools that are also worth mentioning. First, a WAV&MP3 Converter to transcode your audio files between formats and between audio qualities. There’s also a CD ripper, which will allow you to enlarge your collection with MP3 versions of your CD tracks or just a selection of them. Finally, YouTube to Mp3 Converter, a tool to grab videos from YouTube, extract their audio stream, and convert them to MP3 files according to your quality requirements, all in one single process and with as many video files as you wish.

Thus, with this multipurpose utility and for a truly affordable fee, you can have an MP3 audio collection management tool, a comprehensive ID3 tag editor, a basic audio converter, an MP3 player, a CD ripper, and a number of other useful features in one single interface. If MP3 audio is your thing, this is an MP3 manager worth exploring.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Offers extensive tag-related functionality
  • Includes an audio conversion tool
  • Renames your audio files in batches
  • Extracts MP3 audio from YouTube videos
  • Downloads tag information from the Web


  • Limited to MP3 audio
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